In the timey-wimey world of Doctor Who, is there ever really a final goodbye?


Although David Tennant made an emotional exit from the show in 2010's tearjerking The End of Time two-parter, he's made numerous comebacks since then — and one of them was in video game form!

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In this week's episode of the One More Life gaming podcast, we caught up with game developer Russ Harding, who worked with Tennant on Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, a story-driven adventure game that came out in 2021.

The Edge of Reality is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S right now. (You should be able to download the game on your platform of choice, if you haven't already had the pleasure!)

As the CCO of Maze Theory, a British game studio that has been trusted with numerous TV tie-ins, Harding has also worked with Jodie Whittaker (on Edge of Reality and its VR predecessor, The Edge of Time) and Cillian Murphy (on Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom).

And he revisited the iconic Doctor Who story Blink for a mobile game called The Lonely Assassins.

In this podcast interview, Harding spills the beans on how all those projects came about, revealing what exactly it was like working with a beloved talent like David Tennant himself. It wasn't quite as glamorous as you might think!

Of course, it's not lost on us that this podcast discussion is coming out just as David Tennant is about to make another big Doctor Who comeback: he'll reunite with Catherine Tate's Donna Noble in this weekend's The Star Beast, the first of several 60th anniversary specials overseen by returning showrunner Russell T Davies.

Although Donna doesn't appear in Harding's Edge of Reality, Tennant's Doctor does revisit a different beloved character in the game. We don't want to spoil it for you here, but any fans of 2006 episode The Girl in the Fireplace will want to check this out.

Elsewhere in the episode, Harding shares his thoughts on all sorts of hot gaming topics, from the resurgence of 'licensed games' based on pre-existing pop culture franchises to the hard work it takes to bring games to multiple platforms.

It's a really interesting chat, so make sure to tune in using the link below!

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