Warning: this story contains spoilers for EastEnders' Wednesday 29th November 2023 episode.


Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) made another sinister decision in EastEnders, and Eve Unwin's (Heather Peace) life was left hanging in the balance.

After watching video footage of Eve passionately kissing his wife Suki (Balvinder Sopal), Nish flew into a rage which left him nursing a bloodied hand. He ran into his concerned son Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara), who was stunned by the bombshell about Suki and urged his father to talk to her before taking action.

At the house, Nish was incensed to find a series of texts from Eve on Suki's phone. He texted Eve, luring her to Walford East under the pretence of meeting Suki before deleting all evidence of his deception.

With Suki busy preparing to leave for a new life with Eve, Nish failed to reveal what he knew, claiming he simply had to check the books at the call centre.

At Walford East, the penny dropped that Nish was in the know, and Eve panicked that the blood she spotted was Suki's, before untangling Nish's warped view of her love for his wife.

Eve insisted that Suki had fulfilled her duty now their children were grown, and declared her a free woman who had not been coerced into a same-sex relationship. Controlling abuser Nish watched as Eve headed out of the restaurant, before attacking her with a champagne bottle.

Heather Peace as Eve Unwin lying unconscious leant against the wall of a dimly lit kitchen in EastEnders.
Is Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) doomed after her encounter with nasty Nish Panesar? BBC

Meanwhile, Suki waited for Eve, with no idea that her soulmate was in serious danger at the hands of her husband!

Nish moved a lifeless Eve into the freezer, where Ravi was horrified to find them. But while Ravi wanted to call an ambulance, Nish ordered his son to finish Eve off instead! But will Ravi comply, or will his conscience get the better of him?

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