The veil of secrecy surrounding the next episode of Doctor Who, Wild Blue Yonder, is slowing beginning to lift, with the BBC dropping a first-look clip.


The episode, written by showrunner Russell T Davies, promises to take the Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate) "to the furthest edge of adventure".

The synopsis continues: "To escape, they must face the most desperate fight of their lives, with the fate of the universe at stake."

In the new clip, Donna is left panicked when the TARDIS disappears, with the Doctor promising to return her home to her daughter Rose. But it appears someone – or something – is watching them...

The scene also features a preference to the TARDIS's Hostile Action Displacement System – or HADS – which were first referenced way back in 1968/69 story The Krotons.

Russell T Davies has called Wild Blue Yonder "weird" and "scary", but we still know relatively little about the episode's plot, which has led fans to theorise that a surprise guest appearance is being kept under wraps.

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However, the episode's director Tom Kingsley has sought to play down the rumours while acknowledging that the plot is "a TOTAL SECRET".

Describing the episode as "weird and exciting", he added: "Fan PSA: the story of Wild Blue Yonder isn’t a secret because there are any surprise returning actors or villains. It’s just because we thought you might find it fun to watch it without knowing what’s going to happen next. Promise!"

Doctor Who continues on Saturday 2nd December at 6:30pm on BBC One. Previous episodes are available on BBC iPlayer and on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial here.

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