The first four episodes of the final season of The Crown are available to stream now, with the new instalments charting the final days of Princess Diana's life.


Of course, this means Elizabeth Debicki shares final scenes as Diana with a number of the show's characters, including Diana's ex-husband Prince Charles, as played by Dominic West.

There are, truly, two final scenes between the pair - one in which Diana and Charles part ways before her death, and another in which Diana appears to Charles as a vision following her death, as he flies to see her body in Paris.

Debicki opened up about these scenes in a recent interview, saying that she and West "never actually discussed very much" when it came to how they would perform those scenes.

She said: "We didn't really rehearse those scenes at all. By that point, we'd lived in those characters for a long time. I love working with him and I hope it's mutual. I think he's so smart and funny."

Dominic West as Prince Charles in The Crown looking concerned
Dominic West as Prince Charles in The Crown. Netflix

She continued: "We just kind of launched into both of those scenes. I think they just rolled the camera and we opened our hearts up.

"I think what's beautiful is that it's an imagined Diana and what he gives her, too, is the freedom to say the things she's always wanted to say to him.

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"Finally, there's this moment where she is able to say, 'I've loved you so much.' I'm really glad that I got to say that in this character."

There was some backlash when it was first revealed that an imagined Diana would be appearing to Charles and the Queen in the series, with royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams calling the scenes "utterly tasteless" when speaking with MailOnline.

However, a spokesperson for Netflix defended them in a statement provided to, saying: "After her death, Diana appears as part of an inner dialogue in separate scenes with Prince Charles and the Queen, who are both reflecting on their relationship with the late princess.

"These sensitive and thoughtful imagined conversations seek to bring to life the depth of emotion that was felt after such a seismic tragedy struck at the heart of the family."

The Crown season 6 part 1 is streaming on now. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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